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27 Feb

wtf!!!  i just wrote this longggggggggggasssss post and it’s not here?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



maybe i’ll try to rewrite it later.  probably not though.  but know that i had a horrible weekend. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so stupid.  


thursday check ups

24 Feb


we’ve been obsessed with eating nachos lately.  I mean like we’ve been eating it every.single.night for the past 2 weeks. soooooo good but soooooo fattening lol we only like the tostitos multigrain chips (so much more crispier and yummier than the regular kind) I like to dip my chip in everything so first sour cream then guacamole then salsa, all on one chip mmmmm lol


hi muppy! mup loves to sit in kanes chair and up until yesterday kane would always always kick him off of it even if he isn’t gonna sit on it (doesn’t know how to
share yet single child syndrome lol)


well I was craving fries supreme this morning so that I got. I was already late for work but I still stopped by taco bell to satisfy my craving and I ended up being 30 min late for work muahaha it was so good and worth it though lol


so I finally took off my gel-ish nail polish off last night at home.surprisingly it was pretty easy to take off, just like glitter nail polish. so after lunch today I brought out my nail stuff lol I put my bf’s undershirt boxes to good use! haha


I bought this new top coat polish the other day at walmart since I ran out of my usual seche vite. plus, on the seche vite bottle it says
may be harmful during pregnancy or something. and omg I am so glad I found this pro fx one!!! it says it dries quick and dries to a glossy finish and that it does!!! even shinier than seche vite! the shiniest top coat I’ve ever used! (besides uv gel top coat) it was only$ 5 something and the bottle is HUGE. I put a mac polish next to it for comparison. and on the bottom pic look how fat it is compared to the mac polish! so worth it. I’ll have to check out their other stuff now. I remember seeing a cuticle oil, base coat, strengthener, etc. so happy I found this!



I did purple tips today with purple glitter tips on the ring fingers. I wanted to do all glitter tips but I got lazy and I was scared a customer would walk in and I’d have to help them and have my nails ruined lol

so I just got back from my doctors and there is still blood in my urine and I’m still dehydrated. wtf. and I tried so hard to drink more liquids too. and I gained 3lbs in one week!!! damn lol so I have to go do 2 ultrasounds, one for my kidneys and one for the baby. since the ultrasound offices are closed already the receptionist is gonna book it for me tomorrow morning then call me and let me know when. probably after the weekend on monday or tuesday. man this is so frustrating. my doctor also said I get another ultrasound at 18 weeks to find out the sex of the baby! so I’m 14 weeks tomorrow, that means one more month till I get to find out the sex of the baby! I think I’m gonna keep my pregnancy on the down low til I find out the sex, then I’ll start telling people hehe so excited to find out!

long weekend

22 Feb


I got Kane some new sunglasses for the spring/summer and he lovessss them!  wouldn’t take them off the first day lol



Pregnant lady craving big hearty breakfast in middle of the night~!  I was craving eggs benedict so that I had!  it was delicious but it gave me heartburn.  And the hugeee pile of potatoes I shared with Kane lol and those are his scrambled eggs hehe



Fell asleep watching youtube videos LOL



It was a long weekend this past weekend so on Saturday I woke up the boys to go eat dim sum!  It’s been awhile since we woke up early to have dimsum.  LOVE LOVEE it!



Then we went to the mall to visit my brother’s shop and to play in the indoor amusement park.



Kane sure loves his new shades!  lol



Our friend just came back from Vietnam and he brought us back a hugeee bag full of mangos from there.  SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD.



Love moments like these when Kane is just chillin on mommy =)



This weekend we started potty training.  We’ve tried a few times before but Kane would not sit on his potty at all, even with clothes on.  He just refused everysingletime.  Except this weekend.  Hallejuah!!!  It was such a breeze this time.  I guess they are ready when they are ready!  After 4 wet undies/pants, he finally got the concept and I must say I am very proud of him!  heheh  After one night of training, the next day he only had 1 accident for the wholeee day!  and that was only half an accident because he kinda let some go before he told us he had to go, then he finished on the potty.   that’s my boy!  LOL  I thought #2 would be hard (like alot of my friends tell me)  but he went #2 no problem too!  I am so happy, sure saves us alot on diapers!  He still wears diapers to bed but it’s only been 3 days so far and I’ll take what I can for now!  😀



On Sundays when I’m not feeling tired or lazy I like to make my lunch for the week.  It’s always salad and a sandwich.  I try to eat healthy during the week.  I added turkey bacon this week for some protein since I don’t like chicken with my salad.  I also made 4 whole wheat turkey breast sandwiches.  It’s nice to have it all made so every morning I don’t have to worry about what I’m gonna have for lunch.  And this way, I’m kinda forced to eat healthy.  win win situation right!?  😀



So I was sitting here at work earlier today and some guy walks in and said he brought me lunch.  i was like huh??? Turns out, this new pub/restaurant opened around the corner here and he was just promoting I guess.  So he brought basa and brisket sliders for me and some $10 gift vouchers.  I was really impressed and so happy!  You don’t understand, i loveeeeeeee food and especially when it’s free and brought to me?!!  who doesn’t?!   lol  It was awesome and just in time for lunch too.  But too bad they were distgusting LOL  I’m a pig and usually eat anything and everything and never waste food but I had to throw out 3.5 of these sliders.  I tried to like them, even put hot sauce and ketchup on them but nope.  just threw them out.  i felt bad cuz i was taught to never waste food since i was a kid but these were horrible!  ah well.  It was a good idea though to promote their new restaurant.



Remember when my boss’ wife brought me to the spa for my birthday 2.5 weeks ago?!  I had Gel-ish done to my nails and they are still going strong, NO CHIPPING or ANYTHING.  It’s almost been 3 weeks!  and I clean, do dishes, etc. with them.  I am super impressed.  And look how much my nails have grown in 2.5 weeks!  lol  butttt the only thing is, I miss having the option of changing my nail color frequently and it’s kind of a pain to take these off.  you have to soak your nails in acetone basically.  but yeah i am really impressed with this Gel-ish stuff!  really good for people who don’t mind having the same color for 2+ weeks and for people who’s nail polish always chips and for people who are lazy to do their nails but want to have nice nails all the time.  🙂

Anyway, i’m so happy it’s hump day!  Tomorrow I see my doctor AGAIN ugh.  I hope there is no blood this time and I’ve been trying to keep hydrated and drinking lots so hopefully that’ll show in my test tomorrow.  I hope I get to hear baby”s heartbeat again too!  I’m almost 14 weeks, time is sure flying by fast!  Hardly anyone knows I’m pregnant…not even my oldest brother and his wife!  lol  And boyfriend’s family…I don’t ‘think any of them know!  hahaha I just want to all of a sudden show up with a new baby and they’ll all be like wtf?  hahaha  jk  if people ask I will say yes but I’m not going to announce it like it’s some big announcement.  well it is to me but u know what i mean hahaha  I can’t wait to find out the gender of the baby!  about one more month I think!  My 2nd brother mentioned something to me the other day which I never thought of….he said he hopes it’s a girl for me and that it seems to be the pattern of my family.  My oldest brother had a boy first…then a girl.  My 2nd brother also had a boy first…then just recently a baby girl.  And I had a boy first….and hopefully the pattern will continue with me!  hehehe But I also did a few of those Chinese gender prediction chart thingies online and most of them said boy.  :X  2 said it was a girl though so I dunno hahah I know those are for fun but still very interesting!  so we’ll see in a month or so!

time to go home now yahoooooooooooooo!  ttyl!

Tuesday Top Ten

21 Feb

I stole this off Irene’s blog!


1. SONG:

I suck.  I’m not really a music person.  I only listen to music when driving and that’s usually just the radio or whatever is on.  Still love my old school RnB’s though!


2. APP

I don’t have an IPhone anymore.  After years of being team IPhone, I switched to Android recently and got a Samsung Galaxy S2.  I don’t have much apps on there but my favorite I guess is the BabyBump app.  Will be switching back to IPhone once the new one comes out whenever that is cuz I miss Iphone!  



Concealer.  My recent favorite is the Hard Candy Glamoflouge Concealer.  Heavy Duty, covers well, cheap.



Pho.  Been sooooo lazy to make it at home lately and also been really lazy to drive out 45min to boyfriend’s family’s Viet restaurant to have some.  I think we’ll go today, it’s been awhile.



So happy that Basketball Wives is back.  I love most reality shows, they’re my guilty pleasure.  I also love Pretty Little Liars too.



Nothing.  Perfume is making me gag lately cuz of this pregnancy.



Family drama.  I recently cut out a few people (family members) in my life.  I’m just tired of drama and would just rather not see them period.  Why let negative energy into my life right?  I feel so much better and lighter but the thing is, my boyfriend is the one suffering because it’s HIS family i’m cutting out.  He loves them and still sees them weekly which I don’t mind of course, except I’m not there anymore with him.  He’s always going by himself or with Kane.  I can tell it’s hurting him but I would just rather not see them.  I know I’ll have to see them eventually (family’s wedding coming this summer) but I’ll just deal with it then.  If I see them of course I’ll act cordial but with me, I’d rather not see them if I don’t have to you know?  


8.  BLOG

I’ll have to check on my laptop.  I’ve been loving fashion blogs lately.


9. Flowers

Tulips!  My all time favorite.  And now that spring is approaching (hopefully soon here) tulips will be everywhere!  🙂


10. Drink

Soy Bean Milk.  Been obsessed with this lately.  I like it in a cold glass of ice, with a straw of course. always.  🙂




13 week prenatal check up

17 Feb

I’m actually 13 weeks tomorrow but I’ll just round it up hehe

so since the last appointment about 2 weeks ago, I’ve gained 2 pounds.  don’t know if that’s alot or not but its ok not too concerned right now 🙂 I’m still eating whatever I want and eating alot of it.  not good but I can’t help it!!!

so everytime I go see my doctor the nurse weighs me and I have to do a pee test and they see if I have infections, etc. today they found some blood still in my pee. wtf?? really odd because I haven’t been bleeding at all the past 2 weeks. and the lab results from my bday said there was no blood in my urine but there was sugar. ??? lol I dunno.  anyway the pee test from today also showed that I am really dehydrated.  my doctor said this blood that keeps popping up sporadically in my pee is really bothering him because we have no idea where its coming from.

sooo in there end he ordered me to drink more liquids, keep myself hydrated because I need to be hydrated to pump blood to the baby.  and I have to see him next week where we’ll do the pee test again and IF he finds blood again he’ll have to send me to ultrasound to check on my kidneys.  ugh.  so frustrating.  I mean, I’ve been feeling awesome lately.  hardly any nausea, getting some energy back, no blood when I wipe.  I just hope everything is ok.

on to the good news, I heard the baby’s heart beat!!!  doctor asked me if I want to try to hear it today cuz it still might be a bit early to hear it and I said sure lets try it and we heard it!!! it was pretty easy to find and it was beating so fast hehe so cute.  I feel assured now that there is an actual baby in my tummy hehe sounds silly but when you’ re preggo you always wonder if there is even a baby in there, if its alive, etc. well that’s how I felt every pregnancy lol especially when you feel awesome and have no symptoms at all.  I’m just really happy to hear baby’s heartbeat :)))

anyway busy week this week.  so happy its friday tomorrow and its long weekend for us!!!  monday is family day here in alberta and that I will be doing!  spending time with my lil family sleeping in! woohoo! lol


14 Feb

whoa.  the past few days have been crazzzyy busy for me.  something i’m not used to.  

i usually like to post on fridays because it’s the day before the weekend and last day at work and that equals a happy lily.  buttt i remember this past friday was soooo busy at work that i didn’t even have time to blog!  work is usually always super slow and dead, but when we are busy we are busy.  luckily it’s only like maybe once a week it’s like that.  

this past weekend my cousin from calgary (2-3 hour drive) came down to visit us for a night.  she totally made my day.  it was hectic yet relaxing because she would not let me do anything.  we went grocery shopping because she wanted to cook me dinner.  she bought all the groceries anddd got me starbucks and 9 cake pops and 3 red velvet whoopie pies (soooooo good btw)!!!  anyone who buys me food is forever loved lol.  then we got home and she washed all my dishes and then cooked the yummiest curry chicken dinner for me.  i just laid on my couch and drank my passion fruit tazzo tea lemonade drink.  it was awesome!!!  a much needed night in.  i am truly blessed to have such an awesome cousin!

then the awesome-ness stopped because i totally forgot i told my brother i’d babysit his kids for him.  doh!!!  not just babysit but overnight babysit!  so they came over and luckily my cousin was there because she basically played with my little 10 month old niece the whole night muahahaha love my cousin!  it was a longgg night because both my bf and my cousin’s bf who both went to a wedding together came home DRUNKASS.  sooooooo annnoying ugh.  then my baby niece who’s usually a super good sleeper (sleeps through the wholeee night) woke up every 3 hours crying and crying.  it was sooooooooooo annoying!!!  i was seriously gonna lose it.  then i have my bf who’s sleeping on the bed too SNORING SOOOOOOOOOO LOUD.  and my baby niece is sleeping with me crying her arse off every 3 hours and poor kane is squished in between all of us.  LOL  what a sight!  I’m just glad it’s over and I survived it.  my baby niece and her mom left to Hong Kong today for 2 months so i won’t get to see her till she’s back, when she’s 1 yrs old!!!

So the next morning my cousin and her bf drove home to Calgary.  then my niece and nephew left.  and I was POOPED.  I stayed home the whole sunday and just cleaned the house and did nothing.  I was so exhausted physically and mentally.  Then Monday’s workday was pretty busy as well and then today finally things are back to normal.

I’m at work and it’s slowwwwwwwwwwww as hell.  I’m sooooooo bored, I want to sleep so bad but this chair is not comfy enough.  

i’m 12.5 weeks now!  so fast!  I don’t know if it’s from the weekend or what but I’ve been really really tired yesterday and today.  I just want to sleep.  I was feeling great last week like not tired anymore and barely any nausea and the ‘metal’ taste in my mouth was gone.  but now i’m back to being exhausted and my nausea is coming back (but only in the evenings so weird) 

I have a pre natal checkup this thursday.  hopefully will get to hear baby’s heartbeat.  my doctor hasn’t called me back at all after I did that urine test at the lab on my birthday (feb6)  so it’s been 8 days and i hope that means nothing is wrong, they didn’t find anymore blood.  you know how my dr. loves calling me!  so if he hasn’t called me in 8 days then i think i’m good to go.  😀  LOL

totally forgot it’s Valentine’s Day!  happy vday!  we don’t celebrate it so it’s just a normal day for me.  i can’t believe it’s the middle of february already though!  march is coming soon!

i think we’re gonna bring kane swimming today when i get home.  haven’t done that in so long, he loves swimming.  did i mention my hair has grown SO much?!!!  seriously.  it’s only been a bit over a month and my hair has grown like maybe 3? inches!!!  for reals.  i’m surprised but not really because when i was pregnant with kane my hair grew superrrrr long super fast.  it was awesome.  i dunno if it’s the hormones or the prenatal vitamins but i’m loving it!  by summer time my hair will be as long as before again but healthier!  yay!

k enough blabbing, gonna go clean my car now.  have a great v day!

Feb. 7 – Anniversary

8 Feb


Yesterday we celebrated our 11 year anniversary!  and yes he is choking me in the pic!  lol

I can’t believe it’s already been 11 years, I love this man more and more everyday even though sometimes I want to kill him!  I guess it’s the can’t live with him and can’t live without him deal lol  Everyday he makes me laugh, and that is why I fell in love with him 11 years ago.  He always always makes me laugh and I can never stay mad at him for long.  I am so lucky to have him and so happy we get to spend the rest of our lives together.   *end cheese*  I love us and our little family.  Can’t wait to add baby to our happy little family!  And hopefully 2 more after that!  😀  lol