5 Mar

So on Friday I did end up going shopping after work.  And boy it was nice!  But too bad I didn’t find anything really 😦  I tried on alot of spring clothes and everything looked horrible on me.  I’m in the awkward in-between stage where my belly is not a full preggo belly but it’s there and borderline ‘is she just really fat in the stomach area or is she pregnant?’  Nothing looked cute, I look bloated in everything.  booooooooooo.  I did end up getting some accessories though to compensate.  I really wanted to buy clothes!!!


Super sparkly basketball wives-esque hoop earrings and a ring w/ a pretty grey-ish stone.



I love gold, I love hoop earrings and I love anything chain-y so these earrings were love!



At the drugstore I spotted a huge sale on one of my favorite drug store foundations.  I haven’t worn foundation in months (just concealer + powder) but on special days or days i’m not lazy i like to put on a light foundation and the maybelline dream smooth mousse is one of my all time favs.  it covers well and the mousse really does feel like nothing on my skin.  love it!  they were regular 12.99$ each and on sale for $3.29 each!!!  steal of a deal!  so i got 3 in 3 different shades.  one for now, one for when i get a bit darker in the spring and then a darker one for when it’s summertime.  lol  these will last me forever.



I also picked up this dry shampoo by got2b…i was gonna get the Dove dry shampoo at first then i seen this one.  so i googled reviews on both and this got2b one had better ratings/reviews.  i haven’t used it yet so i can’t say anything about it yet.  I have the tresemme dry shampoo and that one is ok…not too bad.  i bought this for $8.99.  buttt i was looking through the walmart flyer earlier today and seen this at walmart on sale for $4!  i’m so mad.  but whatever, i’m too lazy to go return this one.  Also, i really really wanted a neon pink nail polish and i just happen to find this no name one at the drugstore for $1!  why not!  lol  it’s a really really bright neon blinding pink.  it’ll look so cute for summer.  but for $1 it probably won’t last that long lol



Friday night my bf and Kane went to bf’s brother’s house so I had alone time.  (love those times! lol)  I finally washed my brushes.  Ever since working I’ve been sooo lazy to wash my brushes.  So bad, I know.  but i’m happy I finally got around to it.  I also wanted to put on a mask, do my nails, etc.  but after cleaning the house, doing dishes, cleaning, i was pooped and didn’t really end up getting to do anything else for me.  booooooo


Now onto some food pics!


So I was on Youtube and I was watching this guy make Japanese cold soba noodles.  it looked sooo good when he was eating it i just had to have it LOL


I made it exactly how he made it to a T.   that’s radish, green onion and seaweed on the side.



I ate it cold like he did, and I bought a bottle of the Soba Soup base just like he did and um I have to say, it was pretty interesting lol  the taste was ok…I’m not really used to no meat (except for packaged ramen noodles) I dunno.  I think it’s an aquired taste.  It was really really interesting, that’s all I could say. hahah   I didn’t like it when i was eating it but now that it’s been a few days I’m kind of craving it again?  I dunno but the dude made it look so good i had to have it hahaha damn youtube!



One of my favs and one of my bf’s specialties…beef congee.  sooooo yummy and good for the soul!



Never been a Starbucks girl but lately I’ve been craving the passionfruit lemonade from there.  soooooooooooooo good.  I feel so bad cuz I think it’s such a waste of money spending so much on a drink but it’s soooooooo goood lol.



Had pasta last night for dinner.  Another wierd craving.  I hardly ever cook pasta or ‘white’ food…always always asian dishes at home but somehow the craving for pasta crept up on me. it was delicious.  i had it for lunch today too and it was super filling but good.  probably won’t be having this for awhile lol




So on Saturday I went for my ultrasound appointment.  You’re supposed to drink 4 cups of water (1L)  I never do though…I think I drank 3 cups that day.  So right before I left my house I had to go pee super bad, so I did.  I let it all out and was like damnit I just wasted all that water I just drank for the ultrasound.  So while driving to the clinic, I drank 1 bottle of water 500ml.  I got there early and so I shopped around a bit since the clinic is in a mall.  I had to go washroom sooooooooooooo bad like shaking bad so I was like screw it I can’t handle it and went to the washroom.  I didn’t fullly empty my bladder but I emptied most so I felt tons better.  I go upstairs to the clinic, wait about 5 minutes then I get called in.  And at that point I had to go AGAIN real bad.  I was shaking and I even told the technician I have to go so bad I might pee on the bed thing lol.  he said to just try to hold it so he can take these pictures really quickly then I can go to the washroom.  Man that was the hardest thing I ever had to do!!!  I was shaking and sweating, it was torture.  Somehow I finally managed to hold it in for what seemed like foreverrrrrrrrr (i think it was like 10min or something) and finally he said that my bladder was actually TOO FULL and I have to go empty it and then he’ll continue.  I was like HALLEJUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  and jumped up to run to the bathroom.  didn’t even put on my shoes!  LOL  it was sooo funny.  Then after he was like next time I don’t have to drink that much water, just maybe half of what I did.  I was thinking, then I’ll drink nothing because I didn’t even drink much to begin with.  and all the water I did drink at home I peed it all out already???  so weird.  so next time I’m just gonna maybe drink half a bottle of water while driving there.  ugh.  made me go through all that for nothing!  haha so funny

so my ultrasound went ok i think.  i had to do 2 ultrasounds…one for baby and one for my kidneys.  i won’t know anything till this thursday when i see my doctor for my prenatal appointment.  at the end of the ultrasound he did let me see the baby for a bit.  i heard the heartbeat :)))  and he was GOING TO TELL ME THE SEX RIGHT THEN AND THERE TOO!!! butttt the baby is still too small he couldn’t tell.  😦  so he said at 20 weeks you can tell for sure.  too bad!  hehe its ok though, i’ll just have to wait a few more weeks.  I seen the baby but it was 2D only so I couldn’t really make out anything that he was trying to show me.  I seen the head and spinal cord and the little heart beating though.  :))))  heheh so cute.  and that was that.  i can’t wait to see my doctor this thursday and see the ultrasound results.  hopefully nothing is wrong with my kidneys and hopefully they find out where the blood is coming from and hopefully it’s nothing major!  i can’t wait till my next ultrasound to see what the sex of the baby is!  :))))


6 Responses to “weekend”

  1. amileinheels March 6, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    OMG I LOVE BEEF CONGEE OR ANY KIND OF CONGEE!!!! I love putting century egg, donut and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF PEPPER!!! OMG!!! When I go to hong kong, I eat at this congee place everysingleday for breakfast. It’s SOOOO good!

    I love how you copied the guy making soba just because he made it look so good! LOL.. kinda like me with makeup – i buy products just because these damn ‘gurus’ make it seem sooooo amazing and when i get it, I’m like MEH.

    UGH your entry just made me crave sooo much food!!!!!!!!!

    • amileinheels March 6, 2012 at 1:13 pm #

      One of my have cooking guru – she’s SO asian and every time she cooks i get sooooo hungry!!


      • thatlilygirl March 6, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

        ooo i will check her out right now, thanks!!!!!

    • thatlilygirl March 6, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

      yes yes my fav is century egg pork congee with lots of crispy oily chinese donut!! lol mmmm

      man i am a victim of those stupid youtube ‘beauty’ gurus too. but now i only buy certain items after i do my research lol

  2. amileinheels March 6, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    BTW, how come everyone in Canada or US are so into dry shampoo?! It’s SO hot and humid here that we really can’t not wash our hair everyday!! 😦

    • thatlilygirl March 6, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

      it’s cuz it’s not good for your hair if you wash it everyday, that’s why dry shampoos are so popular here lol but i think if you’re in a tropical climate it’s ok to wash everyday since there is so much humidity and moisture in the air 24/7. when i was in vietnam i had to shower twice a day at least! but i did notice my hair wasn’t even dry there because it was so humid and hot. ahh i miss it so much there!

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