randoms + friday ramblings

2 Mar


My nails of the week.  I wanted a spring-y color in hopes that spring will come soon!  please?!!!


Kane asked me to put him in his mini shopping cart, i said no so he climbed into it himself lol


I didn’t bring lunch to work one day so I called my dad “Dad I’m hungry”  15minutes later he comes by my work  with beef chow mein, hot n sour soup and vitamin water.  Love my pops!


I made this yummy tuna dip (cream cheese, mayo, garlic salt, green onions) it was deeeeelicious!  especially with costco’s crackers, i forget what they’re called but so so good!


Last night my brother brought us out to Japanese Village for dinner.  i LOVEEEE it here.  It’s teppanyaki style and so so delicious!



My boys enjoying the show 🙂


Of course, as usual, I had the lobster and filet mignon steak dinner.  It comes with soup, salad, veggies, rice.  sooooo good, the steak was so soft and tender and the lobster delicous with their special cream sauce.  and their in house sesame sauce is TO DIE FOR.  we always ask for extra sesame sauce hehehe


Can’t believe how fast and how big my son’s getting!  all his pants are getting short, these are the only pants that fit him right now haha  I’m gonna wait till spring/summer to get a whole new wardrobe for him since it’s still winter here and we never leave the house anyway.  can’t wait!  I love shopping for my lil man!  and hopefully i’ll have a lil girl to shop for soon too!  lol  wishful thinking!


I had lobster for lunch.  what did u have???  hahaha we had leftovers from last night and boy was it still as good this morning as it was last night! yum yum!

so yay!  it’s friday!  i can’t believe i survived another week of work.  i seriously wanted to take today off just because.  This whole week i had such hard times waking up for work.  i was sooooo tired and sleepy all the time for some reason.  so wierd.  but i’m glad it’s friday and i get to sleep in for 2 days.  hopefully.  seems like my past few weekends have been ruined and so not relaxing at all.

i am officially 15 weeks preggo!  time is going by so fast!  next week i’ll be 4 months!!  so fast!  i feel a ton better, almost like my old self.  except im still really tired all the time and i have no energy back yet.  and the occasional headaches.  my belly is getting big too, i love it!  tomorrow i have an ultrasound appointment at 3pm.  hopefully i’ll get to see baby and i think it’s too soon for gender determination but i have been reading online and 15 weeks you can tell..if you have an experienced technician who’s willing to tell you.  but i’ve also read alot of stories where people were told one sex then it turned out to be the other because it was so early.  so we’ll see.  if not my dr. said i can go for another ultrasound at 18 weeks to find out the sex.  so 3 weeks of waiting is not too bad if i want an accurate answer.  can’t wait!!!!!!

So my brother and his partner were in the office earlier and we were discussing my maternity leave.  i said i’d probably take it in July (due date is end of august) but honestly i might take it in June depending how I’m feeling heheh I’d take it now if i could! but the earliest is 3 months before the due date.  anyway, so there is this other girl they are going to hire to take my place for the year or forever because i don’t plan on coming back hehe but shh they dont know that yet.  I kinda know her too (their friend’s daughter) and they were saying how she’ll probably have to come in next month for training.  talking about this just makes it more real to me, and it gets me excited!  lol  that means i don’t have to work anymore in a couple of months and i’ll get to enjoy my summer and sleep in every.single.day like i used to, get to spend time with kane and go to the park, take the dogs for walks, go to the mall, just do nothing.  ahhhhhhh i can’t wait to get my old life back!! hehe oh yeah, and that means i’ll get to meet my baby in a couple of months too!  =)

ive been so tired, i really really wish for some energy back so i can clean my house, cook, do laundry, go to the mall!!!  and just do stuff.  i’ve been sooo lazy lately and have no desire to do ANYTHING.  seriously.  i’m never like this!  i’m always always up for the mall or grocery shopping but lately i’ve been saying no to everything.  😦  even to dinners!  free dinners!  what is wrong with me right!!???  lol  old lily please come back!

I want to go to the mall today so hopefully i will.  i doubt it though..  everytime i get home from work i just lay on the couch, take a nap and then eat and then go to sleep.  BORING.

have a greaaaaat weekend!


4 Responses to “randoms + friday ramblings”

  1. sams March 2, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    That dip sounds delicious! I like dippy things…

    So excited for you and the new addition, reading your pregnancy posts makes me feel so broody… it was one of my best times of my life being pregnant with Jess. I never felt healthier! No morning sickness, heart burn or aches. Just crazy water retention towards the end, but that was it! But I know every pregnancy is different and I’ll probably have the opp of what I had with Jess- Bad pregnancy and a child from the Devil’s spawn!

    Wish we lived near each other so we could meet up and eat. hahahahaha

    • thatlilygirl March 2, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

      you like dippy things heheh i like dippy too hahah 😀

      omg so true! everyone told me if my first pregnancy was easy breezy the 2nd will be opposite and it’s true! you will probably be the same too! LOL i had it so easy with kane as well. no morning sickness, no nothing. in fact i felt better than ever! so good that i didn’t find out i was preggo till i was 3 months along! lol but this pregnancy, oh boy. it’s not bad bad, i know it could be worse but compared to when i was preggo with kane, this pregnancy is NO FUN. with kane i wanted to be pregnant forever and i wanted to get preggo again and again. with this one i just want it to be over and i don’t know if i want to be preggo again LOL can you get pregnant already please?!!! 😀 haha

      i know. 😦 why do you have to live an ocean and 80% of the rest of canada away from me??? lolll

  2. amileinheels March 3, 2012 at 1:34 am #

    OMG that hot and sour soup and chow mien look sooooo good! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried noodles with sauce! That’s like my favorite type of noodles and I LOVE noodles sooo much!! Yum yum yum! Your dads so nice!

    You are so lucky that you essentially don’t “have” to work! Seriously! Not everyone can do that you know! So blessed 🙂 Really!

    Regarding the lack of energy, maybe what you’re eating is the culprit! Try to eat more grains, wheat, nuts, protein and maybe it’ll help!

    • thatlilygirl March 5, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

      i love noodles too 🙂 more than rice i think. my favorite are the fat white noodles drenched in sauce hehe

      it’s weird…either i’ll eat real healthy or real not lol like during the day i eat good…salad and whole wheat sandwich. then dinner is pretty healthy too. of course with my occasional mcd’s/fast foodd cravings, etc. hahahah so i dunno if it’s that!? i feel alot better today though, not as tired so hopefully this lasts!

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