sick and pregnant

27 Feb

i’m not even gonna try to attempt re-writing what i wrote earlier.

i have 15min left of work before i can leave so i thought i’d squeeze in a little something.  so this morning i could not fall asleep till 5am!!!  then i had to wake up at 10am for work, it was sooooo hard getting up.  but i’m glad the day is almost over, yay!  wasn’t too too bad.

on the weekend we had a dinner party (we bowl, play board games, etc. with our friends alot and loser has to make dinner)  anyway so we lost last time and it was our turn to do dinner.  it was hectic as usual so no pictures of the food 😦  i came down with a cold on friday and then on saturday it got super worse but i made it through the dinner party.  that night it got worse and i couldn’t move.  i was burning up and freezing at the same time, my body felt like a gazillion pounds, i was exhausted.  my throat hurt so bad and i was coughing those dry hacking coughs.  on top of all that fun stuff, i couldn’t even take any medicene!!  the worst part about being preggo i swear.  i am such a medicene girl..i take medicene for every little thing lol so imagine me.  all sick and trying to fight not taking any medication.  i can take tylenol but tylenol doesn’t work for me (only advil) anyway so i somehow survived that night and went to bed somehow..the next morning thank goodness i felt alot better.  still felt like crap, but better.  i woke up, ate and then went back to sleep for 4 hours.  after that 4 hour nap i woke up and hallejuah i felt alot alot better.  not 100% but good enough to go to work today.  i really thought i’d have to stay home today from work.  so yeah that was that.  another waste of my precious weekend.

i can proudly say that kane is potty trained now!  yay!  (except for sleep time we still put a diaper on him in case but he’s been waking up with dry diapers the past few days)  i can’t believe it only took 1 evening too!  not even 1 full day!  kane has always been slow in these things like crawling, walking, and talking.  even with potty training, we tried it a few times before and he wouldn’t even sit on the potty.  then one miraculous day last week, we decided to try it and he did it just like that.  it’s true.  (some) say that you can’t rush/force the kid, they’ll be ready when they are ready.  and he was ready!  alot of ppl (especially family) always makes fun of kane for not being potty trained yet, talking, etc.  how he’s slow compared to their kids or other kids, blah blah.  me n my bf dont’ really take it to heart because we believe in karma but there were the few (maybe 2) that told us to just take our time, he’ll do it when he’s ready, etc and they were right!  🙂  i’m so proud of my baby.  heheheh actually i’m just really happy i don’t have smelly diapers in my garbage can anymore and i don’t have to buy diapers anymore!!!  $40 a box is expensive!  lol  oh and since yesterday, he’s been going on the big boy potty (our toilet) instead of his little potty.  i’m so so happy about that because it was distgusting cleaning out his little potty.  so much easier to have him sit on the regular toilet and then just flush LOL  oh the joys of parenthood!  another funny thing is, everytime he has to go toilet he tells us “chao chao” (stinky stinky in cantonese) and everytime he has to fart he’ll hold it in and tell us “chao chao”  so we dont’ know if it’s #1, #2 or fart.  i don’t think he knows the difference between #2 and a fart yet… i think he thinks anything that comes out of his bum even if it’s just air, he has to do it on the toilet.  LOL  sooooo funny.  so everytime he has to fart we have to put him on the toilet then he’ll let one go and that’s it.  LOL  soooo funny, my son is sooo polite!  LOL  sorry TMI!  hahah

my dr. still hasn’t called me for my ultrasounds yet so i called them today.  she said she hasn’t gotten around to booking ultrasound appointments yet and she’ll call me by the end of this week.  so i guess i’m not going for my ultrasounds till next week.  oh well.  i feel the baby moving sometimes so i think baby is ok.  just hope my insides are ok and where the heck is the blood coming from?!

other than that and my cold i’m still fighting, i feel great.  no nausea and my boobs are finally not as sore.  yay!  i’m still tired as heck but i dont know if that’s from the pregnancy or from my cold/flu that i had/have.  i don’t even feel preggo anymore, i guess it’s the perk of being in the 2nd trimester.  i’m not complaining!  i just wanna go to my ultrasound and get confirmation that everything is ok and then i’ll go about enjoying the rest the 2nd trimester.  the 1st and the 3rd are the worst so please let me enjoy the 2nd!

yay time to go now ttyl!


7 Responses to “sick and pregnant”

  1. Irene Li February 28, 2012 at 2:53 am #

    Awww I hope you feel better Lils! *hugs* I bet it’s bec it’s so friggin cold there! UGH! Stay warm and healthy okay!

    My mom told me that boys are “slower” in general.. LOL.. and I think being fully potty trained at Kane’s age is a great achievement!! YAY KANE! 🙂 Awww, I feel bad that family/friends make fun of kane awwwww..:(

    • thatlilygirl February 28, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

      thanks ireney! i feel tons better today, almost back to 100% 😀

      yeah boys are slower in general but we’re not really concerned yet. we know he’ll get there one day when he feels like it~ LOL that boy! my family makes fun of anyone for anything so that’s why i don’t really take it to heart. and i totally believe in karma. like i told mimi, now it’s slowly my brother’s turn to go through stuff and i just look at him and smile and say ‘karma’ hahahah it’s soooo funny

  2. after musing February 28, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    I’m a medicine girl too. The second I feel cramps or a headache come on i’m already popping two advils. hahah

    KANE IS NOT SLOW!! he just wants to take his own time doing his thing. you know? who’s to rush him??

    “me n my bf dont’ really take it to heart because we believe in karma” – I thought you were going to say – ” because I know deep down they love Kane”. LMAO!!!

    • thatlilygirl February 28, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

      yay fellow meds girl! LOL my bf always makes fun of me for taking medicine for every little thing haha
      HAHAHAHA no no we totally leave it to karma! HAHAHAH like my brother alwaysssssss makes fun of kane for not talking as much and being so shy and attached to us. he’s always saying how his little 10month old daughter is gonna talk before kane and she’s gonna potty train kane blah blah and i always say ‘we’ll see…’ hahah and now his daughter is super clingy to them and whenever they get up to go washroom or wash their hands she’ll cry and freak out and cling onto them. it’s sooo annoying and they get so frustrated. then i just look at him and smile and say ‘karma’ hahaha it’s soooo funny! i love my brother though so it’s like a joke but still! hahah so funny! totally makes my day when i see them LOLLL

      • amileinheels March 1, 2012 at 11:05 am #

        LOL How your brother’s like his daughter’s gonna potty train Kane.


  3. Diane Luu February 28, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    I hope you feel better… I can sympathize with you on not taking any medication when pregnant… that sucks… I don’t even use cough drops…
    YEAH to Kane being potty trained. I totally agree that when they are ready, they will be ready… JJ was the same with talking and potty training… he learned at his own speed… now he’s talking up a storm and is doing so well with the potty training too… =)
    I got 3-4 more weeks to go… can’t wait to see your belly pictures =)

    • thatlilygirl February 28, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

      i try so hard not to but i have to admit, i took tylenol twice because my headache was soooo bad i could not focus on anything. i felt soooo bad. yay to our boys being potty trained and talking more! 🙂 boys are so silly, they will learn when they want to learn! LOL busy playing instead of learning hehehe i’m soooooo excited for you! i’m kind of sick being preggo, just want to see the baby but i know the longer the baby is baking in my tummy the better so i guess i’ll have to be patient lol. are you excited for jj to have a brother to play with?! i cannot wait for kane to meet his little brother/sister. he looks so lonely sometimes at home. babe i know you will be busy when the new baby comes but please update us on lj or fb still ok! I want to meet brody! take care mamma! almost there! :)))))

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